School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences is an academic unit in the The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with curriculum designed to inspire and transform life sciences students, provide innovative learning and research experiences, and drive scientific discovery to solve critical problems at the intersection of science and society. More students are accepted into medical school from the School of Life Sciences than any other school at ASU.

Under the leadership of Director Kenro Kusumi, award-winning experts advance understanding and technologies in medicine, biotechnology, microbiology, biology, conservation biology and ecology, and offer a close community of scholars and entrepreneurs to promote research and student success. The school also partners across disciplines with other schools and centers of excellence to develop programs in biomimicry and other cutting edge areas of research.

Life sciences faculty members and students work with international partners on all seven continents, as well as pursuing collaborations with local and national organizations. From efforts with the Phoenix Zoo, large health care systems and universities, to NGOs, government agencies and other diverse groups, the school strives to improve education, leadership, health and well-being, and promote a better understanding of the diversity of life.