Policy, Law and Bioethics

Policy, Law and Bioethics represents fields that reflect ASU’s many interdisciplinary studies. The Center for Law, Science and Innovation at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law has a number of prominent programs and activities in the field of policy, law and bioethics relating to health.

The Public Health Law and Policy Program concentrates on the intersection of law, ethics, policy, and public health. The program is nationally ranked among U.S. News and World Report's 2016 Graduate Law School Health Law Programs. It also hosts the Western Region Office of the national Network for Public Health Law, a crucial resource for public health professionals on matters such tribal public health law, Ebola and measles.

The Personalized Medicine Program focuses on the legal, policy and ethical aspects of incorporating genetic and molecular testing into health care. Among other activities, it hosts an annual workshop on regulatory and reimbursement issues for molecular diagnostics.

The Neuroscience and Law Program focuses on traumatic brain injury, and recently held a workshop on concussion biomarkers that examined the medical, legal and ethical dimensions of such biomarkers.

Many programs at ASU provide students with knowledge and skills applicable to a variety of fields. As health science and technology continue to advance, law and policy must be updated accordingly.  

Studying the intersections between life sciences and society
Center for Law, Science and Innovation is the first and largest academic center focused on the intersection of law with science and technology.
Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics offers programs in education, research and the community to enhance ethics knowledge and disseminate resources to advance ethical understanding, decision-making, health care and behavior.
The Public Health Law and Policy Program in Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law focuses on critical issues at the intersection of law, ethics, policy and public health.
The Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center produces and disseminates research to reduce, eliminate or prevent health disparities in partnership with Southwestern communities and international collaborators.
Public interest technology activities are distributed widely across the university and a priority for ASU as it considers health impacts.