Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Neuroscience

The field of neuroscience is growing at an exponential pace. Neuroscientists are now developing an increasingly sophisticated set of tools to explore the basic functions of nervous systems of such diverse animals as honey bees, rats, birds and humans. It is fascinating that all of these nervous systems work on the same basic set of molecular and cellular principles. Moreover, by bringing together people who perform such basic, fundamental research with researchers and physicians who work with human patients in clinical settings, there now exists as never before the possibility to translate findings from basic research into treatments that will improve the human condition.

Arizona State University established an interdisciplinary Neuroscience Graduate Program to provide training for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in collaboration with the Barrow Neurological Institute and other clinical partners in Phoenix. Housed in the School of Life Sciences, the program integrates the study of molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, cognitive analyses to investigate basic, translational and clinical questions about the relationship between the brain and behavior. The goal of the program is to break traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries between basic and clinical research.