Healthy Lifestyles Research Center

The Healthy Lifestyles Research Center (HLRC) is a national center of excellence for the study and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The mission of the center is to promote collaborative research that examines the ways daily lifestyle habits impact health, chronic disease, and quality of life.

Under the leadership of Director Glenn Gaesser, the center conducts a seminar series that allows attendees to participate in discussions and exchange ideas about research developments in exercise and wellness, nutrition and kinesiology.

The foundation of the center is an integration of basic and translational research aimed at understanding the underlying causes for pathologies, correlates and behaviors associated with lifestyle choices, and implementing and evaluating health promotion programs in practice. From this foundation, which includes faculty from a diverse range of disciplines, arise a social ecological model of chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

Examples of core faculty research at the center:

  • Reduction in risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome
  • Functional foods
  • Prevention of falls in older adults
  • Physical activity and lifestyle assessment technologies
  • Dietary assessment
  • Weight management and energy balance
  • Joint and bone health, and strength training
  • Health behavior changes strategies
  • Worksite health promotion
  • Community health behavior change adoption processes