Department of Psychology

The ASU Department of Psychology, chaired by Steven Neuberg conducts innovative research in psychology across fields of behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognitive science, developmental psychology, quantitative psychology, social psychology, and applied behavior analysis. Through individualized training, strong mentoring relationships, and collaboration with Arizona clinical partners, the Department of Psychology is preparing the workforce of tomorrow for careers in hospitals, medical schools, business, government and industry, research intensive universities, and liberal arts colleges. 

Among several strategic areas of interest, health is a major focus within the Department. It is home to over 40 cutting-edge research labs that address issues including addiction, degenerative brain disease, adolescent stress, cognition and aging, emotion regulation, and eating pathology. The Department’s Clinical Psychology program emphasizes child, family, and adult mental health as well as the interface of psychology and medicine (Health Psychology).

Bringing evidence-based prevention programs to the community is also a focus of the Department of Psychology's REACH Institute. As well, the Department spearheads the ASU Veterans Wellness Research Center, among other innovative health programs.