College of Health Solutions - Centers and Institutes

Center for Health Information and Research 

The Center for Health Information and Research is a multidisciplinary research team that provides actionable information about health care to our community, health care providers and payers, researchers, public health and other community organizations.

Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program

The Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program has a vision for a sustainable U.S. healthcare delivery system that produces high value healthcare for all citizens and has two primary areas of concentration of its efforts:  describe, promote and facilitate the realization of high value health care; and describe the policy implications and options to facilitate the self-organization of a high value healthcare system.

Healthcare Transformation Institute

The Healthcare Transformation Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating health value by improving health outcomes, access to health services, and the way patient care is delivered. The goal is to better link scientific discovery, healthcare delivery, and the reimbursement for health services to achieve high-value, patient-centric care.

Center for World Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

This center, a shared unit of the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and the College of Health Solutions, is a transdisciplinary enterprise that develops collaborations and implements culturally responsive health promotion and disease prevention interventions across the life continuum for the purpose of improving physical and mental health outcomes across the globe.

Center for Metabolic and Vascular Biology

Through collaborative efforts, the Center for Metabolic and Vascular Biology strives to not only discover the mechanisms involved in the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but to also extend that knowledge to the bedside and the community in order to improve the lives of countless people.