Center for Health Information and Research

The Center for Health Information and Research (CHiR) at the College of Health Solutions serves as a resource, tool and collaborator for individuals and organizations that need comprehensive health care information and data analytics for public, private and research uses.

The center collects identifiable health information and information on social determinants of health from a variety of sources across the state on a voluntary basis. With information housed in centralized repositories, they are able to track the health care and well-being of individuals and populations over time and across providers and health insurers.

All data sources are linkable, creating a huge repository of historical data from which data mining and other analysis efforts can glean key information about the provision of health care in Arizona.

Health care providers and payers, researchers, public health agencies, health policy leaders, and other public and private organizations can inform and empower their businesses from the analysis CHiR provides to improve delivery and coordination of care, define cohorts and identify gaps in care, design interventions and programs, and assess and report performance.