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  • Biological and Health Systems Engineering

    Biological and Health Systems Engineering applies engineering principles and methods to understand, define and solve problems in medicine, physiology and biology. Read more

  • Neural Control of Movement Laboratory

    The Neural Control of Movement Laboratory works to better understand the intricate sensory and cognitive connections between the brain and the hands and advance robotics technology. Read more

  • SIRC | ASU transcending health disparities

    Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center

    The Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center produces and disseminates research to reduce, eliminate or prevent health disparities in partnership with Southwestern communities and international collaborators. Read more

  • ASU clinical healthcare delivery

    Office of Clinical Partnerships

    The Office of Clinical Partnerships is a collaborative framework for researchers, hospital and heath care organizations and the community to work on use-inspired biomedical research and provide real-world training for students. Read more

  • Health Communication Initiative

    The Health Communication Initiative works to improve communication in everyday life, with focus on health and well being. Read more

Health at ASU: Innovative health and health care

ASU creates breakthroughs in health, not just by training health care workers, but by transforming the institutions and systems around them. The university educates the next generation workforce, cultivates life-changing research, and develops new blueprints and missions for individuals, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and government institutions that together, impact health and healthcare.

ASU forges a new path in an area previously dominated by those with medical schools. For a decade, the university has been implementing a strategic plan to recruit world-class medical researchers and health policy analysts, forge networks and working alliances with institutions regionally and globally, and transform “siloed” departments into new transdisciplinary schools and initiatives. It is extraordinary that a university without a medical school is playing a leading role in solving health problems and disrupting broken systems. But it is precisely because of this that ASU remains nimble and entrepreneurial, forging clinical partnerships with leading providers, while convening thought leaders to explore new approaches.

Nothing is more illustrative of the New American University’s design aspirations of use-inspired research and societal transformation than changing the dialogue around wellness from lifespan to the notion of "health span." For the people of Arizona, across the nation and globally, ASU leads with an entrepreneurial spirit and the intention to make good health and quality healthcare attainable for all. 

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